Who are The Boosters?

Rockford’s long history of outstanding achievement in both areas is what drives our mission: The Boosters exist to support our student-athletes. This support ranges from scholarships to funds for equipment to educational programs, and more.

Where does the money come from? Our main focus is operating the concession stands at our home sporting events. We also coordinate several fundraisers throughout the school year including our very popular cornhole tournament in February, and our flower sale in April.

Our talented team of volunteers works year-round to make it all a success. Without them, the Boosters couldn’t exist.

How can you help? Every dollar you spend at a concession stand, or at a fundraising event for the Boosters, directly supports our athletes. Every time you volunteer at an event, or act as a parent rep for your team, you help move the mission of the Boosters forward.

Upcoming Fundraisers/Events

If you have questions, please contact Justin.

October 13: The Haunt

  • Need 40-50 students (Athletes) 

  • Must be 16 or Over

  • Team with most volunteers will receive $250

“Sports Gala”: November

Ice Golf on Bostwick Lake: February (TBD)

Corn Hole: Feb 29

Spring: Flower Sale (TBD)

Meeting Minutes/Financials

Coming Soon!

The Sports Boosters meet on the 3rd Monday of each month at 7pm in the high school LGI room. Athlete of the Month (AOM) takes place 3 times a year at the Freshman Center cafeteria.

11.18.19 (AOM)
03.16.20 (AOM)
06.15.20 (AOM)

New! Connect to our public calendar and get all the events right on your phone/desktop. There is a general calendar link, and an iCal specific (Mac users).

General calendar