Rockford Sports Boosters is a non-profit community of volunteers dedicated to encouraging the development of students through life skills enhanced by participating in sports. To foster and focus the volunteer efforts, Rockford Sports Boosters concentrates on “Four Pillars of Purpose”: Fundraising, Education, Programs, and Special Projects.

Pillar I - Fundraising: Raising money for the advancement of Rockford sports is the largest area of effort for the Rockford Sports Boosters. The Rockford Sports Boosters provide hospitality to all athletes, families, and visitors to Rockford sporting events by operating concessions at every RHS spectator sports venue. From the funds raised, the Rockford Sports Boosters develops Rockford athletics by offering grant monies for equipment for teams, fostering educational curriculums, promoting programs, and financing/funding special projects.

Pillar 2 - Education: Rockford Sports Boosters is committed to the belief that the Rockford School System can be enriched by participation in one or more of the many athletic opportunities which are available for students. The Rockford Sports Boosters will be holding educational events to provide knowledge and information to athletes, parents, and the community

Pillar 3 – Programs: To facilitate the development of students in sports, Rockford Sports Boosters is hosting programs and events. Programs are those regular operational aspects of the Rockford Sports Boosters or special events that bring the sports communities together to advance the student development objectives created through sports.

Pillar 4 – Special Projects: An addition to the Rockford Sports Boosters on-going agenda will be developing a “special project.” This is intended to be a longer term commitment to some aspect of Rockford sports that benefits the Rockford sports community as a whole. It is not focused on any one team need, but on the Rockford sports community.